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Presidential candidates from both sides of the aisles have views on how they'll improve the healthcare system. In this episode of Industry Focus: Healthcare, Motley Fool's Kristine Harjes and Todd Campbell discuss the proposals and their potential impact on the sector.


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We field listener questions this week. First, we learn about what $500 million of Deadpool box office receipts mean for Walt Disney. Then, we get into some gray area as we discuss the moral challenges governments and companies face as they try to put autonomous cars on the road.


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In this episode of the Motley Fool’s Industry Focus: Financials podcast, host Gaby Lapera and analyst Jay Jenkins break down the forces driving big bank valuations today and try to read the tea leaves on where the market will push this industry next.

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Facebook announced plans to monetize its Messenger property beginning Q2 2016. We dig into the announcement, why investors should be happy, and why users shouldn’t be too worried about being overloaded by ads.


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The band is back together after a week off! This week, the energy team dives into the details of Berkshire Hathaway's purchase of Kinder Morgan and answer some listener questions about the move. Plus, dissecting the rumor mill about Saudi Arabia's production freeze and the woes of mining giants.

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Motley Fool analysts discuss the challenges biotech companies face when they walk the fine line between patient centered medicine and profit.

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Over the long weekend, Deadpool set multiple box office records for Twenty-First Century Fox with over $280 million in global ticket sales. And after the movie, we treat listeners to dinner as we revisit 3G Capital and the latest results from Burger King and Tim Hortons.

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Listen in to hear more about which two players are dominating the healthcare IT industry, how feasible it is to invest in the little guys, and what areas look most promising for data management companies.

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As society eagerly awaits the coming era of autonomous vehicles, automakers are working with regulators and technology companies to change how the consumers think about their commute. Meanwhile, the struggling 3D printing sector turns to new opportunities in the industrial sector.

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Fitbit might be able to give insurance providers a treasure trove of data, and cybersecurity firms like FireEye will help them protect it.

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On this special episode of Industry Refocus, we welcome Gaby from the Financials team to break down credit cards and the billions of dollars retailers are generating from their brand-specific credit offerings. She also has an update for the housing market and mortgages.

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We're mixing things up this week on Industry Focus with some cross sector topics.

To kick it off, Tyler Crowe of the Energy & Industrials team joins Gaby for the Finance show to talk about how captive finance companies fit into the role of a industrial manufacturer and the challenges they can present for a company. 

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ADR’s, goodwill and fiscal years are explained as we run through some listener questions.

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We take a look at the less than impressive earnings from the integrated majors and ConocoPhillips' decision to cut its "sacred" dividend. Plus, what can an NBA finals game teach you about investing? 

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Do Gilead Sciences financials deserve high honors? Motley Fool analysts review Gilead Sciences' earnings report to find out.

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The CDC has cleared Chipotle just as it prepares to announce full-year 2015 results and new food safety initiatives at a company-wide meeting in Denver. Meanwhile, Coach and Michael Kors bucked the negative trends ailing much of the retail sector during the crucial holiday shopping season.

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 From a discussion of peer-to-peer lending to a deep dive into why companies are added to and removed from the S&P 500, as well as many things in between.

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Two tech giants announced earnings this week. We run through the numbers and conference calls for Apple and Amazon and explain what investors need to know.

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Earnings are starting to trickle in for energy industrial stocks, so we discuss the three stocks that interest us the most and the themes we're focused on this quarter. Plus, we dip into the mailbag for a reader question.

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Motley Fool's Kristine Harjes and Todd Campbell distill J&J's financials and discover that there's more to the story than the headline numbers suggest.

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From empty grocery store shelves to cold weather apparel sales, we take a Foolish look at the impact of winter storm Jonas on retailers. Also, Coach shares soar after breaking out of a multi-year streak of declining sales.

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India is viewed as one of the most appealing markets for big tech firms, but it doesn’t come without challenges. On today's episode we run through some of the issues and how tech companies have found creative solutions around them.

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The oil market has been on a wild ride lately, and all of these stock movements can make us forget that we're investing in companies. So today we're getting up close and personal with Distribution NOW CEO Robert Workman.

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Highlighting the major investing take-away's from this years J.P. Morgan Healthcare Conference.

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Three Fools sit down to discuss their latest views on Chipotle, Take-Two Interactive, Taser, and more.


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A deep dive into business development companies

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We dig into declining growth rates in smartphone and PC shipments and try to identify the culprits.

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The Motley Fool’s Tyler Crowe, Taylor Muckerman, and Sean O’Reilly discuss oil’s fall to $30 and its ramifications for the rest of the economy – particularly car sales. 


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Special guest David Kretzman talks CES highlights and fitting healthcare into a portfolio. See for more!

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Macy’s is off to a strong start in 2016 as investors applaud its efforts to close underperforming stores and reduce expenses, while Under Armour continues its months-long slide, shedding 6.7% on Monday following the release of a bearish research report. And Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz reaffirms his excitement around opportunities in China.

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What investing in real estate can teach you about investing in stocks

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A shakeup in the wearables space and big news from Netflix are two stories making headlines so far this year at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas – we explain what’s up and what each item means for investors.


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The oil market has started off 2016 on a wild ride. So we do a quick rundown of the reasons why investors are in such a panic about oil prices this time. Plus, we look at surging SUV sales and Carl Icahn's Christmas gifts.


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On this episode, Motley Fool analysts explain how to break down biotech mergers and acquisitions.

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While global economic and political uncertainty rattles markets in the New Year, gun makers see their shares surge on executive orders from President Obama.

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Let's kick off 2016 with a very special interview! The CEO of Electronic Transactions Association – Jason Oxman – joins us to talk about the history, the inner workings, and the future of the payment industry.

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2015 was a rough year for energy, filled with drama, uncertainty, and rough, rough performances across the board.

In this episode of Industry Focus: Energy, Sean O’Reilly, Taylor Muckerman, and Tyler Crowe throw around their ideas about how the sector looks in for 2016. Can oil bounce back? Can coal? Natural gas? What companies need to get their act together, and who’s been on their game throughout last year? How much should we worry about OPEC cornering the market, and what other factors might affect the price of oil?

Listen in to hear their takes on these issues and more.

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Tune in for a fun episode, where we adapt the popular game to the healthcare industry.

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How it happens, how to prevent it, and what to do if it's already happened.

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It's a good time to think back on this year’s highs and lows in the energy sector – or, the lows and lowers.

On this very special episode, our energy team compare their fantasy-energy-draft portfolios, some of the most dramatic and unexpected news stories that played out this year from Kinder Morgan’s soap opera to the U.S. export sanction shift, just how accurate predictions from earlier this year turned out to be, and what everyone’s learned from investing in and following this troubled sector this year.

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We're talking about stocks that investors might like to wake up owning on Christmas morning.

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What Walt Disney, Netflix, and Boston Beer investors can learn from young generation's spending habits.

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Well-meaning family and friends might tell one of these very nuggets over the holidays – do you know which ones to seriously consider?

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Updates on Google’s EC issues and the CRB’s Web IV ruling and its impact on Pandora for the final tech show of 2015.

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After securing an extension of the investment tax credit, things are looking awfully bright for the solar industry. Plus, Federal Reserve Interest Rate hikes, lifting oil export ban, and more troubled oil producers, oh my!

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There were a record number of healthcare deals in 2015. Here are some of our favorites.

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M&A activity continues to pick up in the consumer goods sector with this $15 billion deal.

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Knowledge is a gift that will last forever. Here are four of our favorite investing books for you to read or give to a loved one.

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GoPro jumped this week after one analyst suggested Apple scoop it up with some of the cash it has sitting around. What should investors make of this news and M&A chatter in general?

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This week’s OPEC meetings ended with shockingly few changes or agreements, Kinder Morgan dramatically cut its dividend, and two of the world’s biggest chemical companies are merging in a way that may or may not set off regulatory alarm bells.

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Digging into the balance sheet of two drugmaking powerhouses to see which may be a better investment.

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An international coffee conglomerate adds Keurig to its portfolio for $13.9 billion. And at Amazon, its Prime TV service just got even better.

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In a rapidly changing environment, here's how a company's adaptability affects their survival. 

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Breaking down IDC wearables shipment data – a look at the winners, losers, and trends in the space. Also, an explanation on how Apple and Samsung decided to bury the patent hatchet just in time for the holidays.

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With the Paris climate talks in full swing, here’s a look at what lies ahead for this rapidly-changing sector.

Application for our summer 2016 internships is officially open! Check out all our openings at

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This episode we're highlighting what we think are the most significant, needle-moving drugs to hit the market this year.

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Disney’s biggest cash cow is in danger as subscriber losses at ESPN accelerate. Will the other businesses be able to fill the void?

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We hope you had a happy Thanksgiving! Here's a grab bag episode on Wells Fargo's sales tactics, the state of the housing market, and an end-of-year to-do list for your investment accounts.

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This holiday, we’re thankful for innovation, passion, and greater purpose in the healthcare sector.

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From its origins to present day, we dive into this annual tradition and its impact on the retail industry.

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On this episode we talk about what 13Fs are, shorting stocks, and a Gallup poll about how well do ordinary people understand the basics of their own finances.

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We tackle how new investors should think about buying stocks, what to look for in potential dividend investments, and cover mistakes some investors make by focusing on the wrong metric.

To find out our picks for the top dividend stocks in 2016, check out

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Continuing with our dividend week theme, we take a deeper dive into why its so much more difficult for energy and materials companies to maintain dividends and what investors should look for in a dividend stock that deals in commodities.

To find out our picks for the top dividend stocks in 2016, check out

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Understanding the anatomy of great dividend paying healthcare stocks, including what to look for and what to avoid. 

For our best dividend stock ideas, go to

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Retailers have sold off and that’s good news for income investors, particularly those willing to take a close look at department store operator Macy’s.

For our best dividend stock ideas, go to

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It's Dividend Week on Industry Focus and today we learn about dividend stocks in general and in the financial industry in particular.

For our best dividend stock ideas, go to

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Following earnings, several big name tech stocks took a beating. We discuss Pandora, FireEye and HP and see what's caused their dips and debate whether they can earn their way back to "buy" status.

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Oil's low prices have stuck around much longer than so many originally thought. Now, more than a year later, we're starting to see companies buckle under the pressure. Our energy team looks at the implications and the lesson to learn from these companies' demise.

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Exelixis has a newly approved melanoma drug hitting the market soon and Colorado voters will weigh in on universal healthcare in 2016.

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Traditional apparel retailers like Macy’s and Nordstrom have limped through 2015. What is driving weakness in the sector, and what should investors watch in the latest quarter?

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Tune in for discussions on the NYCB-Astoria Financial merger, New York Mellon Bank, and whether or not CEOs should live near HQ.

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On this episode we talk earnings numbers, some cool stats from the conference call and check in on Facebook’s other big internet properties.

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Energy results are as diverse as the industry itself, and Motley Fool’s Tyler Crowe, Taylor Muckerman and Sean O’Reilly weigh in.

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Motley Fools dig into recent announcements that could impact the marijuana and hepatitis C markets next year.

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On this episode we dig into Apple’s record-setting quarter, explain why the market shouldn’t have been surprised, and figure out what segments fueled the company’s great top and bottom line growth.

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Oil sands are becoming more common in the energy sector, and with the amount of work it takes to clean these sands, it's no wonder the cost is so high. Shell not only dropped out of the Arctic after building up all the hype, but now they're letting go of oil sands projects, citing the company's business structure as the problem.

All the while, a "cash crunch" is enveloping the Fab Four in the oil and gas sector, but although these numbers are huge to a layperson, their cash reserves seem to be singing a different tune.

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This week we're discussing Walgreens acquiring Rite Aid. Did this retail pharmacy giant play its cards right? Does an overlapping footprint mean the two retail pharmacies will step on each other’s toes? Tune in to find some answers.

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As the king of retail recognizes its growing reliance on online sales, the company plans to experiment with drones to beat Amazon at its own game.

On this episode we also learn how Cheesecake Factory serves up continued success, we preview Buffalo Wild Wings' earnings release and discover a retailer who says "no" to the Black Friday shopping craze.

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"Competitive Advantage" is the book where economy guru Michael Porter outlines the way to review, research, and plan when assessing an industry for a potential investment.

With big names investors such as Warren Buffett using competitive advantage as a guideline prior to investing, it's quite obvious that success is found when these tools are used.

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Google and Amazon both had impressive earnings releases this week and the market sent both stocks up 10% after hours. On this episode of Industry Focus we walk through the numbers and see what segments drove growth for each company.

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Glencore is known as a giant in the commodities sector, but their recent bout of bond needs has left investors fearing the worst outcome for the company.

Meanwhile, Petrobras is trying to save face as Brazilian currency takes a dive, and Tyler has a favorite stock, Enterprise Products Partners; but there's a fun fact behind this company that might have you jumping on the investment train as well.

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Our guest Michael O’Neil, CEO of GetWellNetwork, shares how his company is boosting outcomes and improving experience through patient engagement.

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From a division spin-off to a major celebrity partnership, investors are buying up shares of these consumer goods companies with the hope that they have found the solution to years of underperformance.

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On today's episode we take a look at the performance of a few "too big to fail" banks in the most recent quarter.

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Dell’s $67 billion purchase of EMC stands to be the largest acquisition in tech history, but will we look back in a few years and say it was money well spent?

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Job cuts have begun for some oil companies as they attempt to bring margins to a normalized number. And as stock prices drop for oil, renewable energies seem to have little to no relation with these numbers.

On this episode, our analysts will tell you what they'll be looking for over the next month as earnings are announced for the energy sector.

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Both democratic front-runners have outlined healthcare reform that could impact healthcare stocks, so let's learn more about their plans and the companies that could be affected.

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Following a publicized and contentious month-long courtship, the No. 1 and No. 2 brewers are combining to create a massive entity controlling 30% of the global beer market.

Anheuser-Busch InBev and SABMiller expect to realize billions of dollars in synergies and a worldwide reach, but the combined entity still needs to clear regulatory hurdles and manage a ballooning debt balance before the union is official.

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Welcome to not your typical financials podcast!

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Earlier this week, Pandora announced it had acquired Ticketfly, an online ticketing company, for $450 million. Does the move make sense, and what should investors think of the company moving forward?

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After several straight days of big oil price gains, are energy stocks headed back on the right track. Plus, a Challenge to Warren Buffett's energy empire and the state of energy M&A.

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Biotech stocks may have fallen sharply in the past few months, but that doesn't mean that everyone of them should be avoided. In this episode, we uncork some of our best ideas for investors to buy.

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We cover all-day breakfast, massive M&A deals, and standout earnings on this episode of Industry Focus.

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On this episode we break down Apple’s controversial decision to allow content blocking in iOS9 – who does it hurt most, why users should love it and how you can get enable it on your device?

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From Glencore's debt scares to Shell's Arctic drilling debacle, the energy guys at Industry Focus take a look at some of the big moves from energy and commodities companies this past week.

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The highly anticipated switch over to ICD-10 medical coding kicks October off and a FDA decision later in the month could move the needle at Shire Plc.

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A major product launch and multi-billion dollar deals color this episode of Industry Focus.

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Earnings season is coming up. Are you ready?

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It’s tough to stay up to date on VR news -- in hardware, Samsung recently unveiled its update to its Gear VR headset, while loose details about a consumer-ready Oculus Rift circulate. Facebook is starting to feature immersed video content while Google is interested in  being behind the camera (so to speak).

On this episode, Motley Fool’s Dylan Lewis and Sean O’Reilly break down who is doing what in virtual reality.

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Pretty soon, oil producers will need to show bankers that they are still worthy of borrowing money. So our energy guys take a look at what this could mean for companies. Plus, another mailbag question and Big Oil is turning into Big Renewables?

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