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The cast looks at the latest earnings results for major department stores as a tough retail environment and major store closures dominate the headlines. They also reach into the mailbag to take a first look at VF Corporation.

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A mortgage is many homeowners single biggest expense each month, so it pays to understand the costs -- especially for new home buyers and people searching for a lower rate to refinance their house. The Trump administration could affect mortgage costs throughout 2017. Join the Motley Fool’s Nathan Hamilton and Gaby Lapera to learn what you need to know about mortgages in 2017.

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Digging through the company's earnings release, we break down what went wrong for Fitbit last year, and what management is doing to turn things around and find growth in 2017.

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Energy storage is a hot topic these days, here’s who is currently leading the charge.

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Carl Icahn's reportedly focusing his brand of investor activism on Bristol-Myers Squibb, but it's anyone's guess if he'll be able to convince the company to sell. Also, Celgene delivers a phase 3 win with blockbuster implications.

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From price wars to automation, contributor Daniel Kline offers his take on major trends currently driving innovation and growth at your favorite quick service restaurants.

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Snap is one of the hottest potential IPO's of 2017. Now that we've had a chance to look at the numbers, should investors keep it on their watch list once shares start trading?

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BP plc has released its 2017 Energy Outlook that extends to 2035. For long-term investors, BP's opinions may be both surprising and thought-provoking.

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In this Valentine's Day edition, we explore cholesterol busters, heart surgery, and the latest in anticoagulants.

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Dave was just a business school student when he and his friends decided to start an eyewear company that would eventually revamp the entire industry. Now serving as co-CEO of Warby Parker, he shares his story and offers some insight into the state of retail.

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