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David Kretzmann hops on the show to chat about what he saw at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES). Specifically, we wade through two trends that have fallen out of favor, and some fun stuff he noticed in Las Vegas.

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Lyft and Aptiv teamed up to give 400 rides in a BMW at CES in Las Vegas, Motley Fool Analyst Taylor Muckerman got to experience it firsthand. In today’s show we discuss what it was like and what demonstrations like this show about the future of driving. We also touch on recent bad news for BP and GE.

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Rumors are swirling that Celgene may pay billions to buy Juno Therapeutics lock-stock-and-barrel. Do these rumors make sense? Also, how one tiny company is disrupting the $57 billion market for primary and specialty doctor visits. Is this healthcare's future?

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Preliminary fourth quarter results from many traditional retailers have turned bullish after momentum from Black Friday held strong, and consumers flocked to stores in December. Find out who posted the best (and worst) results from the holiday season, and what to watch in the year ahead.

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With Amazon's holiday commentary in our hands, we talk about all the reasons the e-tailer is crushing it, and dig deeper to see what the release might have to say about other companies' Q4 results.

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2017 was a tale of two halves for these two U.S. auto giants, while Ford failed to impress the stock market GM delivered market-beating returns. We discuss GM and Ford’s future focus on self-driving technology, connected cars and big data.

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Three CEO interviews recorded at the J.P. Morgan Healthcare Conference, the most important annual industry conference.

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Once a high-flying stock and the face of craft brewing, Boston Beer has struggled in recent years with intense competition from the very industry it helped take mainstream. What lies ahead in 2018? The team also looks at recent news from Weight Watchers and GoPro.

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Industry Focus: Financials dives into two stocks that look attractive as we head into 2018.

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The push for AI is decades old, so how come it's just now having its moment? We dive into artificial intelligence, machine learning, deep learning, and talk about a few companies that are poised to benefit from the mega-trend.

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